~*~A.A. Thoughts For The Day~*~

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"Somehow, being alone with God doesn't seem so embarrassing
as facing up to another person.
Until we actually sit down and talk aloud
about what we have so long hidden,
our willingness to clean house is still largely
When we are honest with another person,
it confirms that we have been honest with ourselves
and with God."
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 60
Copyright 1952 by A.A.W.S. Inc.

Thought to Consider . . . 

It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes
and to make amends for them.

H O W = Honest, Open, and Willing


*~*~*~*~*^Just For Today!^*~*~*~*~*


Step Ten: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

"Although all inventories are alike in principle, the time factor does distinguish one from another. There's the spot-check inventory, taken at any time of the day, whenever we find ourselves getting tangled up. There's the one we take at day's end, when we review the happenings of the hours just past. Here we cast up a balance sheet, crediting ourselves with things well done, and chalking up debits where due. Then there are those occasions when alone, or in the company of our sponsor or spiritual adviser, we make a careful review of our progress since the last time."

1952, AAWS, Inc.; Printed 2005; Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, pg. 89

*~*~*~*~*^Daily Reflections^*~*~*~*~*

As we work the first nine Steps, we prepare ourselves for the
adventure of a new life. But when we approach Step Ten we commence
to put our A.A. way of living to practical use, day by day, in
fair weather or foul. Then comes the acid test: can we stay sober,
keep in emotional balance, and live to good purpose under all

I know the Promises are being fulfilled in my life, but I want to
maintain and develop them by the daily application of Step Ten. I
have learned through this Step that if I am disturbed, there is
something wrong with me. The other person may be wrong too, but
I can only deal with my feelings. When I am hurt or upset, I have
to continually look for the cause in me, and then I have to admit
and correct my mistakes. It isn't easy, but as long as I know I
am progressing spiritually, I know that I can mark my effort up
as a job well done. I have found that pain is a friend; it lets
me know their is something wrong with my emotions, just as a
physical pain lets me know there is something wrong with my body.
When I take the appropriate action through the Twelve Steps, the
pain gradually goes away.


*~*~*~*~*^As Bill Sees It^*~*~*~*~*
Recovery Through Giving

For a new prospect, outline the program of action, explaining how you made a self-appraisal, how you straightened out your past, and why you are now endeavoring to be helpful to him. It is important for him to realize that your attempt to pass this on to him plays a vital part in your own recovery. Actually, he may be helping you more than you are helping him. Make it plain that he is under no obligation to you.


In the first six months of my own sobriety, I worked hard with many alcoholics. Not a one responded. Yet this work kept me sober. It wasn't a question of those alcoholics giving me anything. My stability came out of trying to give, not out of demanding that I receive.

*~*~*~*~*^ Big Book Quote ^*~*~*~*~*
"If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely,
or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take,
you are probably alcoholic. If that be the case, you may be
suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience will

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, We Agnostics, pg. 44~
*~*~*~*^Twenty Four Hours A Day^*~*~*~*
A.A. Thought For The Day

What makes an effective talk at an A.A. meeting? It is not a fine
speech with fine choices of words and an impressive delivery. Often
a few simple words direct from the heart are more effective than
the most polished speech. There is always a temptation to speak
beyond your experience, in order to make a good impression. This
is never effective. What does not come from the heart does not
reach the heart? What comes from personal experience and a sincere
desire to help the other    person, reaches the heart.   Do I speak
for effect or with a deep desire to help?

Meditation For The Day

"Thy will be done" must be your oft-repeated prayer. And in the
willing of God's will there should be gladness. You should delight
to do that will because when you do, all your life goes right and
everything tends to work out for you in the long run. When you are
honestly trying to do God's will and humbly accepting the results,
nothing can seriously hurt you. He who accepts the will of God in
his life may not inherit the earth, but he will inherit real peace
of mind.

Prayer For The Day

I pray that I may have a yielded will. I pray that my will be
attuned to the will of God