~*~A.A. Thoughts For The Day~*~

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"God willing, we members of AA may never again have to deal with drinking,
but we do have to deal with sobriety every day. How do we do it?
By learning -- through practicing the Twelve Steps and through sharing at meetings --
how to cope with the problems that we looked to booze to solve, back in our drinking days."

c. 1976AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 560

Thought to Consider . . .

There's no elevator, you have to take the Steps.

S T E P S =  Solutions To Every Problem in Sobriety


*~*~*~*~*^Just For Today!^*~*~*~*~*
From "Spiritual Experience:"

"Personality change sufficient to bring about recovery has manifested itself among us in many
different forms. "Quite often friends of the newcomer are aware of the difference long before he is himself.  He
finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change
could hardly have been brought about by himself alone."

c. 2001, Alcoholics Anonymous, page 567

*~*~*~*~*^Daily Reflections^*~*~*~*~*

Ask Him in your morning meditation what you can do each day for the man who is still sick.


For many years I pondered over God's will for me, believing that perhaps a great destiny had been ordained for my life.  After all, having been born into a specific faith, hadn't I been told early that I was "chosen"?   It finally occurred to me, as I considered the above passage, that God's will for me was simply that I practice Step Twelve on a daily basis.  Furthermore, I realized I should do this to the best of my ability.  I soon learned that the practice aids me in keeping my life in the context of the day at hand.

~*~*~*~*^As Bill Sees It^*~*~*~*~*
Our Protective Mantle

Almost every newspaper reporter who covers A.A. complains, at first, of the difficulty of writing his story without names. But he quickly forgets this difficulty when he realizes that here is a group of people who care nothing for acclaim.
Probably this is the first time in his life he has ever reported on an organization that wants no personalized publicity. Cynic though he may be, this obvious sincerity quickly transforms him into a friend of A.A.


Moved by the spirit of anonymity, we try to give up our natural desires for personal distinction as A.A. members, both among fellow alcoholics and before the general public. As we lay aside these very human aspirations, we believe that each of us takes part in the weaving of a protective mantle which covers our whole Society and under which we may grow and work in unity.

*~*~*~*~*^ Big Book Quote ^*~*~*~*~*

"When you discover a prospect for Alcoholics Anonymous, find out all
you can about him.
If he does not want to stop drinking, don't
waste time trying to persuade him. You may spoil a later opportunity."

Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Working With Others, pg. 90

*~*~*~*^Twenty Four Hours A Day^*~*~*~*
A.A. Thought for the Day

I am less critical of other people, inside and outside of A.A. I used to run people down all the time. I realize now that it was because I wanted unconsciously to build myself up. I was envious of people who lived normal lives. I couldn't understand why I couldn't be like them. And so I ran them down. I called them sissies or hypocrites. I was always looking for faults in the other person. I loved to tear down what I called "a stuffed shirt" or "a snob." I have found that I can never make a person any better by criticism. A.A. has taught me this. Am I less critical of people?

Meditation for the Day

You must admit your helplessness before your prayer for help will be heard by God. Your own need must be recognized before you can ask God for the strength to meet that need. But once that need is recognized, your prayer is heard above all the music of heaven. It is not theological arguments that solve the problems of the questing soul, but the sincere cry of that soul to God for strength and the certainty of that soul that the cry will be heard and answered.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may send my voiceless cry for help out into the void.

I pray that I may feel certain that it will be heard somewhere, somehow.