~*~A.A. Thoughts For The Day~*~

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"If we are fooling ourselves, a competent adviser can see this quickly. And, as he skillfully guides us away from our fantasies,
we are surprised to find that we have few of the usual urges to defend ourselves against unpleasant truths.  In no other way can fear, pride, and ignorance be so readily melted.  After a time, we realize that we are standing firm on a brand-new foundation for integrity, and we gratefully credit our sponsors, whose advice pointed the way."

Bill W., Box 1980: The AA Grapevine, August 1961.
As Bill Sees It, p. 248

Sitting in meetings for Months will not Help.
You don't change from Listening,
you change from Doing!!!

Thought to Consider . . .

A recovering alcoholic without a sponsor is much like leaving Dracula in charge of the blood bank.


C A R D S =
Call your sponsor,
Ask for help from your Higher Power,
Read the Big Book,
Do the Twelve Steps,
Stay active in your group.


*~*~*~*~*^Just For Today!^*~*~*~*~*


From "Action and Patience":

"I heard that we can't keep what we have unless we give it away. And so I found a woman someone a little newer than I was and I shared with her what you had shared with me. Looking back on it, I doubt that I helped this woman very much, but I helped myself beyond measure. I stayed sober, day by day, through sharing my experience, strength, and hope with her, through putting action into the A.A. program while, at the same time, waiting for her, not forcing my action on her. This was patience supporting the action, though I didn't call it patience at the time; the word was not a part of my emotional vocabulary."

1973 AAWS, Inc.; Came to Believe, 30th printing 2004, pg. 42


*~*~*~*~*^Daily Reflections^*~*~*~*~*

If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through.  We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness.


My first true freedom is the freedom not to have to take a drink today.  If I truly want it, I will work the Twelve Steps and the happiness of this freedom will come to me through the Steps -- sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.  Other freedoms will follow, and inventorying them is a new happiness.  I had a new freedom today, the freedom to be me.  I have the freedom to be the best me I have ever been.



~*~*~*~*^As Bill Sees It^*~*~*~*~*
Two Roads for the Oldtimer

The founders of many groups ultimately divide into two classes known in

A.A. slang as "elder statesmen" and "bleeding deacons."

The elder statesman sees the wisdom of the group's decision to run itself and holds no resentment over

his reduced status. His judgment, fortified by considerable experience, is sound; he is willing to sit quietly

on the side lines patiently awaiting developments.

The bleeding deacon is just as surely convinced that the group cannot get along without him. He

constantly connives for re-election to office and continues to be consumed with self-pity. Nearly every oldtimer

 in our Society has gone through this process in some degree. Happily, most of them survive and live to become

elder statesmen. They become the real and permanent leadership of A.A.


~*~*~*~*^ Big Book Quote ^*~*~*~*~*
"The minute we put our work on a service plane, the alcoholic commences to rely upon our assistance rather than upon God. He clamors for this or that, claiming he cannot master alcohol until his material needs are cared for.  Nonsense, some of us have taken very hard knocks to learn this truth: Job or no job,  wife or no wife,  we simply do not stop drinking so long as we place dependence upon other people ahead of dependence on God."

~Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition, Working With Others, pg. 98~
*~*~*~*^Twenty Four Hours A Day^*~*~*~*
A.A. Thought for the Day

We're in A.A. for two main reasons: to keep sober ourselves and to help others to keep sober. It's a well known fact that helping others is a big part of keeping sober yourself It's also been proved that it's very hard to keep sober all by yourself. A lot of people have tried it and failed. They come to a few A.A. meetings and then stay sober alone for a few months, but usually they eventually get drunk. Do I know that I can't stay sober successfully alone?

Meditation for the Day

Look by faith into that place beyond space or time where God dwells and whence you came and to which you shall eventually return. "Look unto Him and be saved." To look beyond material things is within the power of everyone's imagination. Faith's look saves you from despair. Faith's look saves you from worry and care. Faith's look brings a peace beyond all understanding. Faith's look brings you all the strength you need. Faith's look gives you a new and vital power and a wonderful peace and serenity.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may have faith's look.

 I pray that by faith I may look beyond the now to eternal life.